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Continuing the Legacy of 
Johnny "Mi Vida Loca " Tapia

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Introducing the Tapia Boxing                      Academy!

Welcome to Tapia Boxing Academy, the premier boxing school in New Mexico! Our mission is to create a safe and positive training environment where individuals can enhance their boxing skills. We are dedicated to helping each student unlock their full potential while fostering values like hard work, dedication, and focus. Through community engagement, we aim to empower individuals and equip them with the necessary tools for success, both in and out of the ring. Join our transformative community at Tapia Boxing Academy, where we are committed to making a positive impact on lives.




Level 1

Amateur level: This level and class is designed towards those who are just beginning , have interest in or might be considering learning the ins and outs of boxing. Beginning and kids classes learn the basics, balance , breathing , proper technique, self defense , self discipline , respect and confidence. This class is also great for those just wanting to burn some extra calories and stay in great shape.

Level 2

Intermediate Level: Designed for individuals with some prior boxing experience or those who have completed our amateur classes. Intermediate classes build upon the basics and delve deeper into advanced techniques, combinations, and strategies. Participants in these classes refine their skills, enhance their conditioning, and gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of boxing.

Level 3

Pro Level: Reserved for experienced boxers looking to take their training and performance to the next level. Our pro classes are tailored to meet the needs of competitive boxers aiming to excel in the ring. These classes focus on advanced drills, sparring sessions, tactical analysis, and specialized conditioning. Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance and mentorship to help boxers reach their full potential and succeed in professional boxing.


the Tapia difference 

At Tapia Boxing Academy, we empower individuals to achieve their best both inside and outside the ring. With one of the most comprehensive teams in the sport, we offer unbeatable benefits to our amateur and competitor members. Get in the best shape of your life while mastering boxing techniques and learning its rich history. Our membership includes access to top-notch technique and conditioning coaches, just to name a few. Commit to the team at Tapia Boxing Academy and experience an extraordinary journey.

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Meet The Coaches 

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